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  • Clarinet Express Educator...
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    Clarinet Express Educator...

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    Clarinet Express is a new and unique clarinet method offering a time-efficient daily fundamentals routine, motivation for developing technical fluency, practical application of melodic analysis and suggestions to develop expressive performers.

    This bundle includes the educator book - the complete method, as well as 5 student editions.

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  • Uebel Preference Bb Display...
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    Uebel Preference Bb Display...

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    The Preference is the perfect choice for contemporary music, Jazz, and Klezmer, but is versatile enough to be a joy to play anywhere. Its bore is designed to provide maximum flexibility and control over the sound with remarkably less resistance than the Superior. With its vibrant and colorful sound, it is a popular choice for players who play in a variety of environments and genres. Like all Uebels, it is made using naturally dried Grenadilla wood which reduces the risk of cracking and enhances the sound.

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  • Uebel Romanza Bb Silver...
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    Uebel Romanza Bb Silver...

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    The virtuosity and vocal qualities of the Romanza model, elevate this instrument to a class of its own. The responsiveness of the clarinet invites creative expression from the gentlest pianissimo to the most powerful forte, from the most brilliant colors to the deepest and warmest nuances; the Romanza is the perfect instrument to express the artist's inner poetry.

    With its naturally dried Grenadilla wood, it is at low risk for cracking and provides a beautiful sound.