Marca Superieure Bass Clarinet Reeds, Strength 2.5

Box of 5 - The MARCA Superieure Reeds are high quality made for professional musicians. They are specifically designed by our MARCA artists to offer you incredible balance and consistency. Reed after reed, box after box since 1957, MARCA's professional reeds can be your partner to create beautiful music.  

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MARCA has made ongoing refinements to the manufacturing process to create the MARCA Superieure reeds for clarinet and saxophones which are the highest quality reed with the most uniform consistency. Professionals benefit from the fine balance, rich timber, and lively response of these reeds. They also offer great benefits for educators and students who will find them long-lasting and consistently playable, reed after reed, box after box. With the Superieure MARCA has achieved the perfect harmony between professional quality and economic uniformity.


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