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  • ESM Mouthpiece LD1 Heaven


    The only ESM mouthpiece that is only available as Heaven, this mouthipece was designed with Lajos Dudas - a Hungarian clarinetist whose emphasis is contemporary music. With it's tip opening of 1.15mm and facing of 16.5mm it is perfect for players looking for flexibility and a larger tip opening.

    The blue Heaven material is a specialized acrylic compound with metal particles embedded in the material. In combination with the metal ring, the Heaven material provides very easy response, more control, and a slightly brighter sound.

  • La Tromba Valve Oil T1


    The ultimate all-round oil. Suitable for both Piston and Rotary valve instruments. Prevents corrosion and gumming. Reduces potential frictional noise. Regular use assures optimal operating characteristics.

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