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Care Products for your Wind Instruments.

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  • La Tromba Silver Polish


    Cleaning and polishing liquid specially for silver-plated or sterling silver instruments and other precious metals. La Tromba silver polish cleans and smooths the silvered surface without causing corrosion and gives a high gloss. It seals the surface and protects against renewed tarnishing.

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  • La Tromba Brass Polish


    For cleaning all unlaquered brass and red brass instruments. Even badly oxidized areas can be cleaned with the brass polish.

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  • La Tromba Valve Oil T2


    Is a fine light blueish oil, with extremely good lubrication qualities. Suitable for the valves of all brass instruments.Especially for Monel and or Steel piston valves.

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  • La Tromba Valve Oil T3...


    The finest of the La Tromba Oils for Brass instruments and is especially suitable for use with Monel and or Steel Piston valves.

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  • La Tromba Bore Oil


    La Tromba bore oil maintains and hydrates the bore and tone wood of your instrument. It effectively prevents the extraction of natural oils from the wood, caused by condensation. At the same time, it reduces the risk of cracks. When applied to the tenons it minimizes swelling caused through moisture. La Tromba woodwind oil effectively increases the lifespan of your instrument.

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  • La Tromba Valve Oil T1


    The ultimate all-round oil. Suitable for both Piston and Rotary valve instruments. Prevents corrosion and gumming. Reduces potential frictional noise. Regular use assures optimal operating characteristics.

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  • La Tromba Slide & Cork...


    Isolates the collecting condensate from the tuning slides and thereby prevents corrosion and jamming of the inner slides. It is a relatively firm grease with the exact consistence needed for the slides to operate properly. Often used also as a vacuum grease for not so precise slides.

    At the same time. it is also an ideal grease for the care of tenon joints on woodwind instruments. It protects the corks from moisture, remains smooth and all this by ideal lubricating properties.

    La Tromba Cork & Slide Grease is a high tech product among lubricants. It is very temperature-stable, aging resistant and prevents jamming of the slides and corks. These outstanding qualities make it the ultimate grease for music instruments.

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