Bb Clarinets

Bb Clarinets

Soprano Bb Clarinets

  • Uebel Superior Bb


    The Superior is perfect for players who are looking for a warm "German" sound. It plays very evenly throughout the registers without compensation by the player and is most at home in classical, symphonic, or chamber music environments.

    With its naturally dried and unstained Grenadilla wood, it is at low risk for cracking and provides a dark sound that encapsulates the clarinet as an instrument.

  • RZ Capriccio Bb


    The special design of the RZ Capriccio clarinets adds overtones and brilliant resonance to the sound. It's full, colorful, light and very even throughout the registers.

    It's perfect for the player looking for brilliance and lightness, while maintaining a fullbodied and warm sound. The combination of immaculate design, craftsmanship, and top quality materials sets these instruments apart.

  • RZ Bohema Bb


    The RZ Bohema has a mellow ('dolce') sound while remaining even and balanced throughout the registers.

    It is the perfect choice for any professional player looking for a balanced and responsive instrument for a variety of music styles.

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  • Uebel Advantage Bb


    The Advantage is perfect for any player looking for a versatile instrument. It is suited for contemporary music as well as classical, plays evenly throughout the registers, and has low resistance, making it perfect for doublers, players with varied repertoires, and musicians who are looking for ease of playing without compromising their sound.

    With its naturally dried and unstained Grenadilla wood, it is at low risk for cracking and at its competitive price point, it is truly at the top of it's class in price-performance ratio.

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  • Uebel Excellence Bb


    The Excellence is perfect for players looking for volume and brilliance in their sound. With its silver plated tenon receivers and silver bell ring, it is designed to have a sound that can fill large concert halls with ease. With its beautifully engraved ornamental silver plated rings and naturally dried and unstained Grenadilla wood, it does not only provide a remarkable sound, but is also of stunning beauty.

  • RZ Bohema Star Bb


    The RZ Bohema Star Clarinets feature a thick walled design, which adds more overtones to the tonal spectrum. The sound is darker and more colorful, and remains very even throughout the registers.

    Perfect for any professional player looking for a balanced and responsive, instrument, with a unique sound due to the thick walls of the clarinet.

  • RZ "G" Series Bb


    The G Series provides a very focused and balanced sound and makes it easy to play evenly throughout the registers. Its bore and wall thickness promotes a warm and German sound. As RZ's first professional model, it strives to provide anything that a professional player might want from a clarinet at an attractive price point.

  • Uebel Superior II Bb


    The Superior II has many of the properties of the Superior, but its body rings are made out of solid black carbon, making the clarinet lighter and more resonant. Its specialized free blowing bore makes it a versatile instrument for any professional clarinetist.

    With its naturally dried Grenadilla wood, it is at low risk for cracking and provides a beautiful sound.

  • Uebel Classic Bb


    The Classic is perfect for the ambitious student, doublers, or anyone who is looking for a great clarinet at a very attractive price point. This performance level instrument provides a lot of professional features with low resistance and quick response. Its naturally dried Grenadilla wood, double silver plated keywork, undercut tone holes, and refined bore make it a great pick for anyone who is not quite ready for the financial commitment of a pro instrument.

  • Uebel Preference Bb


    The Preference is the perfect choice for contemporary music, Jazz, and Klezmer, but is versatile enough to be a joy to play anywhere. Its bore is designed to provide maximum flexibility and control over the sound with remarkably less resistance than the Superior. With its vibrant and colorful sound, it is a popular choice for players who play in a variety of environments and genres. Like all Uebels, it is made using naturally dried Grenadilla wood which reduces the risk of cracking and enhances the sound.